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About The Writer's Character Name Generator

Create realistic character names with the character name generator! Generate random names from a huge database of diverse common names from around the world, choose the ethnicity of your character's name, and the period in which they were born, from realistic Victorian names through to character names for the present day.
It's great for roleplaying games (RPGs) and online multiplayer games (MMORPGs), and this generator was created for writers who need realistic names for their characters. Ideal for budding NaNoWriMo novelists! Unlike other character name generators, the writer's character name generator provides a random personality type for each realistic character created, based on the statistical likelihood of that personality occurring in the general population. It can also provide ethnicity and gender randomly, thus working to remove subconscious prejudice from the writing process.
I created this realistic character name generator to make writers think about their characters. Some Western writers have a tendency to default to white male characters in their writing, which can leave women and ethnic minorities under-represented in fiction and on the screen. Writers often don't know what to name minority characters because they are unfamiliar with the types of names they might have. As a writer, by generating a completely random character name and personality, you may discover a new story waiting to be told.
This realistic character name generator for writers is currently in beta, and can provide names for European Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, Jewish people, and Hispanic Americans. In the case of the American names, it can also provide names typical of particular eras, from Victorian to the present day. The name generator can also provide Chinese names, Korean names, Cambodian names, Filipino names, Vietnamese names, Japanese names, Arabic names and Indian names. I intend that the character name generator will eventually also provide British, French, Italian, German, Russian, African, and many other names.